Absolute Vacation?

Let us all draw benefit from less production, more reflection.

Dear Parishioners,

I wish that all of us may enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of the yearly activities.  The generous assistants of the Parish and Academy deserve a rest from the labors of the academic year.  Let us all draw benefit from less production, more reflection.

Allowing for some true R & R (rest and relaxation), let us not fall into the temptation to take a vacation from all things — even wholesome reading, continuing some catechism, attending the Sacraments and the like.  I hope that all of us may benefit from considering where we are and where we are going. During the long hours of summer sunlight, I encourage all parents and future parents to read the Encyclical of Pius XI, Divini Illius Magistri, of December 31, 1929 in which he speaks of Christian Education of Youth.  It is a fairly easy read. Although it sounds meaty — being a letter from a pope — it is relatively short in length and thus perfect for a quiet afternoon. 

The seemingly small and insignificant part that Christian education has to play in culture and society is actually what we need to foster; and through which we can rectify our lives, move forward, and influence others in a significant and nurturing manner.   A moment of contemplation during your free hours, undisturbed from the typical duties, seems to be in order. The formation of our future rests in our attention to this simple detail.

As the adage goes, “Know yourself, know your enemy, and victory is yours”, we need to look at the enemies of the Church and how they strive to educate the youth from their earliest years.  Once they have indoctrinated these innocent minds, the erroneous opinions take root and the rest is history. We need to counteract this infiltration, not by fear, not by agitation, not by seclusion, but by doing our part to educate the youth as we ought.  We need to know what this means and utilize the tools at hand. God will provide. He has done so up until today. Where is our confidence? The storm may be rough, yet the victory is ours if we persevere! St. Gregory says, “One thing is certain. If you persevere you will go to Heaven; if you do not persevere you will go to Hell”.  [Unknown Object]  

Take great care to ensure that those under your charge have the Sacraments at their disposal during vacation.  The best way to encourage the youth to attend these august aqueducts of grace is for the authorities to be first in line.  As you will perceive, although the weekday confessions during the school Masses are removed this season, there remains the choice occasions of Thursday and Saturday for unlimited confessions and Masses are offered daily.

Please read about the importance of Catholic education.  Consider the wise words of great educators and take them to heart.  They come from a paternal and / or fraternal concern and should serve as a reminder, counsel, and possible admonition.  The works of mercy are as much the duty of clerics as they are for the faithful (instruct the ignorant, counsel the doubtful, admonish the sinner….)  May we all profit from these works and imitate the example given by those who practice them.

It is my hope that we may have a beneficial vacation and return with greater energy to attend to the important duties awaiting us in the fall.  True R & R will profit us; absolute vacation may weaken us further! 

United in the Precious Blood of Our Savior,

Fr. Richard Boyle, Pastor