Liturgy at Blessed Virgin Mary Church & Priory

The Mission of Blessed Virgin Mary Church & Priory is to provide Catholics with the ancient treasures of sound catechetical teaching and liturgical beauty.

In our continual efforts to work for the salvation of souls, we offer the Tridentine Mass at Blessed Virgin Mary Church. The Tridentine Mass is the form of the Roman Rite Mass contained in the typical editions of the Roman Missal that were published from 1570 to 1962. It was the most widely celebrated Mass liturgy in the world until the introduction of the Mass of Paul VI in December 1969. In nearly every country it was celebrated exclusively in Latin, but the use of many other languages was authorized both before the Council of Trent and in the course of the succeeding centuries leading to the Second Vatican Council.

The term "Tridentine" is derived from the Latin word Tridentinus, which means "related to the city of Tridentum (modern day Trent, Italy)". It was in response to a decision of the Council of Trent that Pope Pius V promulgated the 1570 Roman Missal, making it mandatory throughout the Western Church, excepting those regions and religious orders whose existing missals dated from before 1370.

The Mass and the liturgy follow a rite which has been set by the Church and by Tradition, according to rules which are not arbitrary. The least movement in liturgy is charged with a meaning and sense. Dom Gueranger says:

Liturgy is tradition at its highest degree of power and solemnity,... the essence of Catholic liturgy is found in an alliance of poetry with the Faith."

If we would like drinking from the pure source of Tradition, if we would like to pray and believe as the Church does, then how agreeable it should be to us to adapt ourselves to all her gestures and rubrics, so that her faith and her all-powerful prayer can penetrate our souls.